Immersed in Nature Yoga

Enjoy a moment of complete well-being and let yourself be guided towards serenity. Yoga promotes self-fulfilment of your whole being. A mImmersed in Nature Yogaoment just for you!

Immersed in Nature Yoga

Hatha yoga offers gentle and slow exercises that aim to combine, yoke or balance energies. A Hatha yoga class involves a set of physical postures (yoga poses) and breathing techniques. Hatha yoga emphasizes both opposing and complementary concepts such as: inspiration/expiration, opening/closing, / resistance/release, movement/ stillness. This class is ideal for beginners or those wishing to revisit basic principles of yoga!

The session takes place in a natural setting, surrounded by lush greenery or on the banks of the magnificent Rivière du Loup. We offer you a gentle session of Hatha Yoga open to all:

•             Breathing techniques

•             Muscle tone and balance

•             Practising both dynamic and static postures

A moment just for yourself!


Duration: 60 minutes.

Price: $35.00 plus taxes.

Book by calling 1 800 789-5968.