Our Culinary Philosophy

Le Baluchon, a fabulous experience since 1990

Firmly rooted in an agricultural and forestry milieu, Le Baluchon offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a genuine rural- and eco-tourism experience. We are proud of our local roots and self-identify by the very special contact with nature which we offer our visitors.

Our experiential accomodation, fine dining, spas, outdoor  and cultural activities, as well as those based on local traditional rural life, all promote a sense of a different way of life and healing in an outstanding rural and lakeside setting.

Our goal is to surprise our guests. To achieve this end, we try to create environments that promote a sense of peace, inspiration and evocation in harmony with our natural surroundings.

We also try to offer experiences enjoyed through a wide variety of sophisticated and authentic discoveries.

We are eager to stand out by extending to our visitors a warm and personal welcome. Our team of cooks and waiters work closely together to ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable fine-dining experience enhanced by the richness of our terroir and by the know-how of our local suppliers.