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17 forest inns and outfitters to experience authentic Quebec

When we combine the regions of Lanaudière and Mauricie, we obtain the Authentic Quebec. A destination that has enough to quench the thirst of people who love the great outdoors.

By Olivier Pierson
Québec Le Mag
Published March 3rd, 2020 

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10 family outings for spring break!

In order not to despair when the snowy days and the spring break translate into a house full of bored children, Forfaits Québec offers you 10 fun and original outings that will certainly please your kids!

Forfaits Québec
Published February 14th, 2020

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WestJet Roam - Sweet Stays

Nestled in the Mauricie region of Quebec, between Montreal and Quebec City, this expansive rural property offers a peaceful and intimate getaway.

WestJet Magazine
Published February 20th, 2020 


Winter escape at Le Baluchon Eco-resort

Imagine a territory where a river flows between a majestic forest and a hilly meadow. A site where nature remains wild and respected, even if tamed and managed for several years. 1000 acres of beauty to slow down time, break free from the constraints of the city and breathe.

By Nathalie Katinakis
Une porte sur deux continents
Published February 15th, 2020 
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Le Baluchon Éco Villégiature – Québec’s beautiful, eco-driven resort

It can only be described as experiencing the future while traveling to the past… Le Baluchon Éco Villégiature is a place I’ve dreamed of visiting for many years…since I first became obsessed with the idea of eco-tourism and transformational travel.

By Jami Savage
Adventure Awaits
Published February 14th, 2020 

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Snowball package

Snowball package

Featured one-night package including a three-course supper starting from $ 159 per person, double occupancy, plus taxes.