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5 hotels in Quebec offering all-inclusive packages this summer.

Your holidays in Mexico have been canceled due to the pandemic and you would like to find the famous all-inclusive formula? Good news ! Some hotel establishments in Quebec have exceptionally decided to offer it this summer. Why not give it a try?

By Catherine Maisonneuve 
Published on July 13th, 2020 

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An interesting summer, a dark autumn

Saint-Paulin - Like the weather forecast, summer promises to be interesting for resorts in the north of the Maskinongé region, which nonetheless expect to face a very sad fall.

By Martin Lafrenière
Le Nouvelliste
Published July 3rd, 2020 

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17 forest inns and outfitters to experience authentic Quebec

When we combine the regions of Lanaudière and Mauricie, we obtain the Authentic Quebec. A destination that has enough to quench the thirst of people who love the great outdoors.

By Olivier Pierson
Québec Le Mag
Published March 3rd, 2020 

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10 family outings for spring break!

In order not to despair when the snowy days and the spring break translate into a house full of bored children, Forfaits Québec offers you 10 fun and original outings that will certainly please your kids!

Forfaits Québec
Published February 14th, 2020

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WestJet Roam - Sweet Stays

Nestled in the Mauricie region of Quebec, between Montreal and Quebec City, this expansive rural property offers a peaceful and intimate getaway.

WestJet Magazine
Published February 20th, 2020 


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