The municipality of Saint-Paulin

The municipality of Saint-Paulin is part of the M.R.C. of Maskinongé located in Mauricie.

It is a rural municipality that was born in 1988 from the amalgamation of the village municipalities, the parish of Saint-Paulin and the Township of Hunterstown. The municipality of Saint-Paulin has about 1600 citizens. In addition, there are more than 40 agricultural enterprises, with nearly 90 commercial and service companies creating more than 600 jobs.
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L'Aventureux designs and carries out immersive adventure activities where participants are at the forefront and take part in decisions.

Our activities allow you to discover the history and riches of the Mauricie region in all seasons and ensure you an unforgettable stay in our region. Several activities are offered on the Baluchon site, such as the Conquistador, the Time Keeper, the Impenetrable Island and much more.


Le Baluchon is proud of its partnership with the town of Louiseville

Louiseville will be making a big splash all through 2015 in celebration of the 350th anniversary of its foundation. Numerous activities and free or low-cost events will take place throughout the year. The Louiseville 350th anniversary celebrations committee will be offering a special event each month throughout 2015.

Visit the 350th website for more detailed information at: http://www.350e.ville.louiseville.qc.ca.

“Bienvenue cyclistes!” certification

In 2006, the Vélo Québec Association awarded its “Bienvenue cyclistes! (Welcome cyclists!) certification to all tourist accommodation establishments in Québec located near the Route Verte.

This certification assures touring cyclists hospitality and services tailored to their needs.

Website: www.velo.qc.ca

Société des Attractions Touristiques du Québec

Established in 1992, the Société des Attractions Touristiques du Québec (SATQ) is a non-profit organization that brings together more than 220 members from various regions in Québec.

These members include all types of attractions, tourist and recreational sites and activities, as well as corporations and tourism associations.

Website : www.attractionsquebec.qc.ca

Maïkan Aventure

A company that has specialized in adventure packages, training, sales and rental of outdoor equipment for nearly 12 years. During summer, it offers a variety of kayaking, climbing and mountain adventures. You can choose outings with or without a guide, for a day, half-day or a two-hour block. Their experts will guide you to a package that will meet your expectations for discovery, adventure and a change of scenery. The Maïkan Aventure base camp is located on the banks of the St-Maurice River, in Trois-Rivières. The advantage of this location allows them to offer you a unique, beautiful setting for an unparalleled cultural and natural experience, just minutes from downtown Trois-Rivières.

Website : www.maikan.ca

Spas Relais santé

The mission of Spas Relais santé is to provide guaranteed high quality service, and member establishments must meet specific requirements. Whether for training their therapists or in terms of treatments offered, relais members commit to a very strict code of ethics.

Each member of Spas Relais santé is unique.

But whether it’s a city or country relais, a small inn or a Relais & Château establishment, whether it has 5 rooms or 300 and offers simple, warm comfort or extremely refined decor, you're sure to recognize the same commitment to professionalism and thoroughness and to find skilled, courteous professionals who care about your well-being.

Website : www.spasrelaissante.com

Hôtellerie Champêtre

The best names in hospitality and gastronomy in Québec grouped under a single banner to provide a complete and diversified resort product to its clientele; that, in a few words, is the Hôtellerie Champêtre network.

For nearly 15 years, the Hôtellerie Champêtre network has united inns and hotels across Québec; around twenty establishments selected according to the same rigorous criterias in terms of comfort, cuisine, location and activities offered. Hôtellerie Champêtre is your reference point for Québec resorts and offers an assurance of quality that is upheld by every inn and hotel in our network.

Site Internet : www.hotelleriechampetre.com

Association touristique régionale de la Mauricie

The Mauricie region offers a wide range of things to do, attractions to visit and sights to behold. Accommodations in the area offer quality packages combining fine cuisine, outdoor activities and health spa treatments. 

Website : www.tourismemauricie.com

Cégep de Trois-Rivières

Thank you to our valued partner!

Website : https://cegeptr.qc.ca/news.php

Culture Mauricie

The Signature Mauricie product range has been officially launched and is now available in different tourist sites in our region! Among others, you will find these products at Le Baluchon’s outdoor activities reception area.

Culture Mauricie is a bridge between artists in the performing arts and tourism stakeholders in the region. You can browse the directory of artists in the document below. 

Website : http://culturemauriciesignature.monblogue.branchez-vous.com/

Authentik Canada

Authentik Canada is a travel agency located in Québec that specializes in tailor-made holidays for families and couples.

Website : www.authentikcanada.com

La Fondation France et André Dion

Once again, the Fondation France et André Dion is on a crusade.
In the 80s, with its 450 members, the Société des Ami(e)s du Merlebleu de l'Est de l'Amérique set up more than 10,000 nest boxes in the bluebirds’ paths. And the bluebirds have returned.

Today, there is a new cause for concern:

To help cavity nesting ducks, 500 nest boxes will be set up in the Far North by their active members. 89 nest boxes are already in place. Outfitters, to whom we offer our complimentary birdhouses, receive us with open arms. This activity profits them, in addition to helping our cause for these ducks who need nest cavities.

But as for the Barrow’s Goldeneye, whose story we told in our last book, its cries for help are being heard all over the world. Our goal is to participate in the same work on a global scale.

We are looking for non-profit foundations who care, as we do, about protecting the environment. We have the cause. Do you have the resources? Will you join us?

France Dumas Dion and André Dion

Website : www.fondationdesdion.com