Le Baluchon Eco-resort offers four auberges (inns or lodges) with more than 89 rooms, each with its own personality, and two chalets. You will find newly decorated rooms, all inspired by the nature and history of the Saint-Paulin region and designed according to the precepts of “slow design,” a philosophy that aims to reduce the ecological footprint through non-polluting production methods and the use of renewable resources.

These beautiful rooms offer a mix of rustic and modern style, which surprises with its harmony and ingenuity. The majority of the rooms’ decorative elements are unique and were made ​​by local artisans.

We also offer classic rooms and suites which are arranged to promote a sense of comfort, peace and relaxation. Modern objects are found alongside regional artifacts and antiques.

 « Having been born and bred in St-Paulin and trained as a biologist, it is my aim to demonstrate and share with our visitors all the richness of our environment, of the land, of the heritage and history of our beloved corner of the world.  For this reason the precepts of « slow design » are a perfect fit with our company’s philosophy of sustainable development. » - Louis Lessard, owner and general manager.

The « Cachet Le Baluchon » has been created with unique, or limited-edition items which encourage recovery and recycling whilst minimising our ecological footprint with the aim of fostering concepts imbued with local history, respecting a human pace of life as opposed to the mad rushing linked with industrialisation, of favouring the use of traditional ways of doing things and using materials that are available locally (wood, metals, minerals, glass, stone, etc.) In this way, we can create ambiances which inspire dreams, tranquility and meditation in an outstanding natural setting.

Le Baluchon accommodations

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