Summer-Fall activities

They say laughter is very good medicine, as is physical activity. So this summer come and have the time of your life at Le Baluchon! There are a host of different activities for you to enjoy yourself and amuse yourself, in a group, with friends or with your family.


Trail access

Its 35 km of trails in the forest and along the river are perfect for hiking and mountain biking. The site includes some forestry groups such as a pine forest and a maple stand in which there is a sugar house. We'll see a beaver dam, a duck pond and several buildings, such as the chapel, the windmill and the Écurie du Roy stable. (Source : BaliseQC)
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Fat Bikes

In need of adventure? Our easy to handle Fat Bikes will take you to new heights! All biking lovers will be conquered by this bike with large tires as they navigate through our 20 km of trails leading to our sites most beautiful locations.
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Mountain bike

Mountain biking enthusiasts will truly enjoy the trails at Le Baluchon. Our colourful, picture-postcard landscape with its wide variety of plant and animal life is everything an outdoors lover could desire.
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6 person private carriage ride

Discover the Baluchon's beautiful scenery.
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Discover your inner cowboy

Brand new! Learn how to lead a flock of superb highland cows to new pastures, work as a team, learn the tricks of the trade and play game of skill.
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Horseback Riding

An unforgettable outing on horseback in the Sabot de la Vierge archipelago.
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Private carriage ride

Treat yourself to an enjoyable, intimate carriage tour of the fields and forests around the Le Baluchon site.
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Canoe and kayak rental - Back in 2021

A canoe or kayak excursion down the river is a relaxing way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Take advantage of the perfect getaway experience to admire the waterfalls and rapids that have helped to sculpt the region's landscape over the centuries.
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