Corporate activities

Cook like our chef!

Here's a friendly competition to bring out the chef in you!
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Soirées de Noël pour entreprise

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GPS Geo-caching

Push yourself to new limits with this fascinating activity. Find the caches hidden along a route specially arranged for your group. Find the answers to all the riddles hidden along the way and you will discover where the treasure is hidden. Teamwork is key to the successful completion of this mission. Don’t miss out!
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Introduction to tea

Learn about the countless benefits of tea by taking part in a guided tasting and information session at which you will be offered four kinds of tea.
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Private use of the Nordic SPA

Imagine having the Nordic SPA all to yourself! Take a break to recharge your batteries and to spend quality time with your team! Nestled alongside the magnificent Rivière du Loup, the Nordic SPA is an intimist spot which inspires moments of profound healing. Based on scandinavian tradition, the hot-cold cycle stimulâtes the circulation and promotes relaxation. Treat yourself to the ultimate in thermotherapy by adding the health treatment of your choice.
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