Corporate activities

Murder Investigation Rally

Your mission: find the murderer. You will work in small teams to find hideouts in the forest. Each hideout will bring you closer to the killer. Which team will find him first? Teamwork is the key to successful completion of this mission.
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The Impenetrable Island

This adventure takes place on the beautiful banks of the Rivière du Loup. Combining an outdoor and cultural experience, you will participate in a rabaska quest.
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The Guardian of Time

You go snowshoeing or hiking with a very friendly guide and on your way you see an abandoned old building. You are intrigued by a mysterious sign on a door. Curious, you will work as a team to unravel this famous mystery!
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Territorial conquest game that takes place in the open air. Each team will have missions to accomplish to conquer a territory. The one that has acquired the most will win the game.
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The Ultimate Challenge

Team competition in which participants must put to the test their knowledge and skills. Teamwork, leadership and logic are just a few of the qualities that participants will need to draw on for these games of skill and speed. At times, they will have to solve a puzzle and then master a physical challenge.
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Introduction to Mushrooms and NTFP Gatering

Come and enjoy a participatory experience with our enthusiastic expert guide and certified by the Outdoor Council of Canada.
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Image Course

As a team, solve riddles as you walk on the boardwalk along the beautiful Rivière du Loup. Each puzzle is an image equation constituting a word. * This activity is available in French only.
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Cook like our chef!

Take part in a friendly competition to uncover your inner chef!
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Nordic SPA exclusivity

Enjoy all the benefits of a thermotherapy session by reserving the Nordic SPA exclusively for your team.
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