Features treatments

Head-and-shoulders massage (45 minutes)

Price per person: 99,00$

This soothing massage helps melt away tension in your shoulders, neck, face and scalp. It is especially beneficial for anyone with difficulty “letting go.” Also available in tandem. Contact us!

Anti-stress treatment (75 minutes)

Price per person: 149,00$

This popular combination of four treatments was designed for tired, overworked people who have difficulty relaxing. It is composed of various balance-enhancing treatments that enable your body to completely relax, including: Shiatsu pressure point therapy, clay application, Swedish massage and polarity therapy.

The archipelago isles massage (60 minutes)

Price per person: 139,00$

This massage treatment uses wide-amplitude movements with the forearms to create the sensation of waves. The gentle deep-pressure massage results in thorough muscular and mental relaxation, and stretching movements effectively release physical and emotional tension.

Masso-Kinesiology therapeutic treatment (60 minutes)

Price per person: 159,00$

Therapeutic treatment for musculoskeletal problems (e.g., muscle and joint pain, limitation of range of motion, posture imbalance, etc.) combining different techniques of massage therapy and kinesitherapy (therapeutic massage, mobilization, passive stretching, etc.).

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