Kinesiology evaluation (90 minutes)

Price per person: 89,00 $

Meeting which includes a period of questions about the purpose of the evaluation, and reviews the client’s lifestyle and level of physical fitess. The kinesiologist then evaluates different fitness aspects according to the objectives and needs identified (cardio, endurance, strength, posture, degree of muscle mass, etc.). This is followed by recommendations and advice regarding exercise.

Kinesiology program (60 minutes)

Price per person: 70,00 $

All prescribed exercises are demonstrated and explained by the kinesiologist to ensure that they are suitable for clients and are properly performed.

Follow-up evaluation (30 minutes)

Price per person: 49,00 $

Evaluation to check the client's evolution and modify the program according to progress made.

Masso-Kinesiology therapeutic treatment (60 minutes)

Price per person: 89,00 $

Therapeutic treatment for musculoskeletal problems (e.g., muscle and joint pain, limitation of range of motion, posture imbalance, etc.) combining different techniques of massage therapy and kinesiology (therapeutic massage, mobilization, passive stretching, etc.).

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