Therapeutics and relaxing massages

Reflexology (45 minutes)

Price per person: 99,00$

Reflexology is, primarily, a relaxation technique involving a soothing massage of the feet, the hands and the neck area. Gentle pressure is applied to specific points on your hands and the soles of your feet, and this serves to stimulate certain organs in your body. Also available in tandem. Contact us!

Back treatment (60 minutes)

Price per person: 139,00$

The best in therapeutic massages. This treatment begins by applying a mud poultice followed by a warming massage using essential oils and balms. Your massage therapist will then use techniques to relax your muscles and reduce pain and inflammation.

Relaxing massage (60 min./119 $ - 90 min./169 $)

Price per person: 119,00$

Relaxing massage uses natural oils to relieve tension and tone your muscles. It is especially beneficial for muscular stiffness or strain, circulation, and the nervous system. Also available in tandem. Contact us!

Therapeutic Massage (30 min./89$ 60 min./139$ 90 min./189$ )

Price per person: 139,00$

(75 min.)

Price per person: 149,00$

A massage that is relaxing as well as therapeutic, using heated or cooled volcanic stones, according to individual preference. This treatment is contra-indicated for people afflicted with uncontrolled diabetes.

Therapeutic leg massage (60 min.)

Price per person: 139,00$

Aimed specifically at stimulating the circulation, this is a wonderful treatment for both active outdoor types (hikers, snowshoers and cross-country skiers) as well as people suffering from tired, “heavy” legs. It starts with a therapeutic Swedish massage, and concludes with a lymph-drainage session to eliminate toxins. The massage oil our therapist uses is formulated from essential aromatic oils that reinvigorate congested muscles.

Massage for pregnant women (60 min.)

Price per person: 119,00$

Pamper yourself with this massage technique aimed primarily at the muscular, circulatory and nervous systems. Whether you want deep relaxation or relief of muscle tension, you will benefit from Swedish massage. The therapist will work according to your needs. Also available in tandem with the companion of your choice. In addition, for this massage, a cushion is provided to support the stomach (note that this treatment is given to women whose pregnancies exceed 3 months).

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