Slow Design

Le Baluchon Cachet
Inspired by Slow design

The approach to the design and manufacturing of Le Baluchon’s furniture, accessories and buildings carries the name “Le Baluchon Cachet”.

This unique approach is entirely based on the precepts of slow design, a philosophy intimately linked to sustainable development that seeks to :

  • Minimize the ecological footprint;
  • Promote concepts that make you dream, inspire you and encourage meditation and action;
  • Create unique and limited edition pieces, while promoting reclaimed materials and recycling;
  • Promote concepts based on local history, in a timeless manner (i.e. heritage and contemporary);
  • Respect human time, in opposition to the idea of ​​speed associated with industrialization;
  • Promote the use of traditional skills;
  • Use the materials available in the local area (wood, metals, minerals, glass, stone, etc.).