One of Le Baluchon’s core values is eco-responsibility. To us it is more than just a word, it is a genuine commitment that must be embodied by concrete and ongoing actions in several domains. 

Le Baluchon has its own recycling center. Glass, metal and cardboard are recycled. Paper is recycled to be used as notepads. Plastic bags from customers and those brought in by employees are given to a local artisan who weaves the recycled plastic to make reusable bags that are sold at the Au bout du monde Eco-café.

Water treatment
More than 1.2 million dollars have been invested in a wastewater management system to protect the Rivière du Loup. The water is treated using reeds (reed purifier). The water that returns to the river is of impeccable quality.

Energy conservation
Le Baluchon has invested heavily in the development of an “energy manager”, an integrated and computerized management plan, in collaboration with Hydro-Québec.

Since Le Baluchon is located on land that originally provided lumber for a sawmill and the company has applied the principles of sustainable development for over 20 years, reforestation has always been part of its core activities. A pilot project to replant hardwoods (multipurpose trail project) has been put forward in collaboration with Université Laval.

Other initiatives

  • In 2018, the Eco-café catering team is replacing the burners that served to keep food warm for breakfast, brunch and banquet services. By opting for induction warmers, we will avoid having to throw away 5000 burners each year.
  • No motorized activities are allowed on the site.
  • Replacement of wood-burning fireplaces by gas fireplaces in the rooms in 2008.
  • Retention and transportation of cooking oil for processing into biodiesel by a regional company.
  • Retention of cooking fats and transportation to recognized processing sites.
  • Use of compact fluorescent light bulbs: continuous replacement when the old bulbs no longer work.
  • In the SPA, use of environmentally-friendly ingredients and products for treatments.
  • Organic cosmetics and massage gel. The algae and goat milk soap are made in Quebec.
  • Energy Star appliances: replaced as and when required, including replacement of small refrigerators in the rooms in February 2009.
  • 100% smoke-free property.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products (without phosphate) with dispenser.
  • EcoLogo paper towels (with adapted distributor), toilet paper and tissue.
  • Napkins made ​​from recycled paper.
  • Recycled paper for printing of communication tools.
  • Reservation confirmation sent by email.
  • Recycling in the rooms and public areas with dedicated trash cans and recycling bins.
  • Customer awareness bookmarks on “responsible washing” of towels and sheets.