Discover your inner cowboy

Brand new! Learn how to lead a flock of superb highland cows to new pastures, work as a team, learn the tricks of the trade and play game of skill.


Adventurous? Take part in this brand new activity and discover new talents through a set of equestrian skill games in our forest and paddocks.  Learn how to guide a herd of magnificent Highland cattle. A unique and original experience offered by our equestrian experts!

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Starting from: $99 per person, plus taxes (2 to 4 people)

Includes access to our site and to our 35 kms of trails for the day.

Conditions of use :
- Please note that the Discover Your Inner Cowboy activity is available to children 16 and over only.
- If you wish to request a reservation for children under 16, please contact our team by calling 1 800 789-5968.
To reserve, call 1 800 789-5968